Oct 092013
Course: Power of Self Esteem (SEE)
Date: 2 Days:  9th & 10th October 2013
Times: 9:00 – 17:30 
Location: Langans Tearooms
George Street
Burton on Trent
DE14 1DP
Mentor:  Nic Crisp
Phone:  07808 096 488
Email: nic@headandheartleadership.co.uk
Mentor: Emma Hackett
Email: ehackettemma@gmail.com

Nic Crisp

Emma Hackett

Emma Hackett









This course is geared towards professionals and leaders. The Power of Self Esteem, Confidence and self-esteem are so often givens in the workplace and never more so than in leadership. In reality leadership is populated by complexity, challenge and uncertainty and is lived through relationship. Yet of the relationships we focus on, the one with our self is the one most often neglected yet it sits at the very heart of leadership mastery. Our ability to consistently bring our best self forward in all areas of our life, neither diminishing nor inflating ourselves is the focus of this development workshop.

This course illuminates the relationship you have with yourself, addressing the fundamental issue of maintaining value, self-worth and personal authority whatever the circumstance.

It teaches you how to:
•    Step forward in your leadership and life purposefully and authentically.
•    Break free of fear, self-doubt and unnecessary stress.
•    Sustain your sense of self-worth in the most testing of situations.
•    Build personal and business resilience for times of challenge and uncertainty.
•    Enhance the esteem of those around you, modelling and teaching in action.

Trainings are small and highly supportive. Experiential in style they enable you to step back and reflect on yourself and your realities, whilst offering a rich opportunity to learn from others.

Both trainers of this 2 day course have extensive experience in organisational change, leadership and personal transformation.